Price Match 

Complimentary De​livery on Cape Cod ! 

David Humphreys​

After one month with a new Travel Berkey, I am very happy with my purchase. The ease of assembly, quality of design, and comfort of knowing that it truly does purify water has me recommending it to friends. No more lugging bottled water from the store and then hauling plastic containers to be recycled. My public water provider often publishes warnings that; “Pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children should avoid drinking the water”. Well, my Berkey water purifier has certainly solved that issue.

John Guardiani

President/CEO Atlantica Financial

Saves me time and money. No more purchasing bottled water and having to then haul them to the transfer station.



I have owned my Berkey for 10 years and love it!  I love that is is portable. 

Moira Fai​n

Love it !

I lived in the Mojave  Desert before moving to the Cape . Fresh water is critical in the desert and it is very hard . You always had to have a water bottle in your hand .

After moving to Sandwich  It became apparent that there is just too much plastic in our ocean. Therefore , the smartest move for me was to purchase a Berkey . Now I have good filtered water anytime and when I go back to the desert I'll bring it along !

Dr. Abdul-Rahman Addas

Advanced Dental Care Falmouth

I love my Berkey! 

I love the stainless steel spigot.  Eliminates chance of mold, unlike plastic. 

Anna & Loretta

Love it! Just returned from Puerto Rico and every household there has a Berkey.

Syd  & Lisa

Just Breathe Salt Spa / Hyannis

I had a Berky installed in my Salt Room Spa and my clients can't stop talking about how delicious the water is. 

When I mention the attributes they are shocked to hear that it, unlike other water filters, also removes bacteria and virus.

 I am also offering the "Sport Bottle" which have been particularly popular here with the kayakers.